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Park Psychotherapy and COVID 19 

The impact of the Covid 19 virus is something we are all hearing about daily. The risk of catching it, is not going to magically disappear, it is going to be part of our lives for some time yet. We would like to reassure you that we have followed government guidelines and we have each been double vaccinated. Furthermore we at Park want you to know your safety and ours is uppermost in our mind, particularly if we are once again, engaging in person to person / face to face therapy.

We believe it is therefore important to acknowledge the steps we can all take in line with the Government and HSE recommendations.

To look after each other,  we have made changes to our usual working practice. If you would like further information concerning these changes, please do enquire about the measures we have  put in place for any meetings held at our offices

A few important notes before attending our office.

<span style=">Most importantly we would like to reassure you, we will cancel an appointment to meet with you, if we or someone we have been in contact with, are EXPERIENCING ANY SYMPTOMS CONSISTENT WITH THE COVID VIRUS. We would ask you to cancel your appointment with your therapist, if you or someone you have come into contact with, has been diagnosed with, or are experiencing symptoms of the COVID 19 virus.



We would respectfully ask you to arrive via the back door. Number 15 will be noted on the door.

Please phone your therapist to let them know you have arrived. Your therapist will provide you with the number to call.

If you could wear a face mask or suitable covering.  Hand sanitiser will be readily provided on entering the building. PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING. 

Please bring with you, your own drink and if possible use your own toilet. We can of course provide both, and we would reassure you that all of our surfaces are cleaned routinely and continuously throughout  the day, but these small steps, would help reduce risk for all.   

Please note Park is a collective of therapists with a special interest in working with trauma and we all operate as individuals. Please also note that in accepting an appointment, you agree that you take full responsibility for your own health,  and will not hold your therapist responsible should you develop COVID symptoms. As stated all due care has and will be taken to provide a clean and COVID  free environment in accordance with regulations.